AMG Proline is a top company for home renovations. We transform homes with quality work and materials. Our team is skilled and experienced. We listen to your ideas and needs, ensuring you are happy with the final result. Here’s how we can help you.


Window Renovations:

New windows can change your home. We can install beautiful, energy-efficient windows in many styles, making your home look fresh and bright.


We use the best windows to make your home more comfortable all year round.


Style Options:

There are many styles of windows to choose from. We can help you find the perfect style for your home. We have casement windows, double-hung windows, and more. Your new windows will match your home’s look.


Our Quality Materials:

We use the best materials for windows, choosing durable and stylish products. Your windows will look good and last a long time. We pay attention to every detail.


Easy Maintenance:

New windows from AMG Proline are easy to maintain. We are designed to be easy to clean and care for, so you will spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your home.


Kitchen Renovations:

A new kitchen can change your home. We can make your kitchen look amazing. We work with you to design the kitchen of your dreams. We can add more space, new cabinets, and better lighting.


We Customize Kitchen Cabinets:

New cabinets can change the look of your kitchen. AMG Proline can build custom cabinets for you. We make sure they fit perfectly. You will have plenty of storage space. Your kitchen will be organized and neat.



We offer a variety of countertops. We have many styles and materials to choose from. You can find the perfect countertop for your kitchen. It will be both beautiful and functional.


We have many options, and your kitchen will look fresh and new.


Bathroom Renovations:

A new bathroom can make your home feel new. We specialise in bathroom and kitchen renovations. We can install new showers, sinks, and toilets.


We also update tiles and lighting. We make sure your bathroom is both beautiful and functional.


Showers and Bathtubs:

A new shower or bathtub can change the look of your bathroom. We can install new showers and bathtubs, and We have many styles. You will have a relaxing and stylish bathroom.


Bathroom and Vanities:

New vanities can make your bathroom look fresh. We can install new vanities, making sure they fit perfectly. Your bathroom will be organized and neat.


Why Choose AMG Proline?

There are many reasons to choose AMG Proline. We focus on quality, use the best materials, pay attention to every detail, and make sure you are happy with the final result. We also respect your time and budget, work efficiently, and stay within the agreed-upon cost.


Quality Work:

We are known for our quality work. Your home will not only look good but also last a long time.


Customer Service:

We will keep you informed throughout the renovation process. We are always available to answer your questions. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with our work.


Our experts:

The team at AMG Proline is experienced and skilled. We have years of experience in home renovations. You can trust us, and we can do a great job.


AMG Proline offers top-notch window, kitchen, and bathroom renovation services. We can transform your home into a beautiful and functional space.


Choose us for your next home renovation. You will love the results.


Contact AMG Proline today to start your home renovation journey.